My writings are intended for the laying down of my innermost heart, and for the extension of our coaching work together.  It is my way of helping you magnify our sessions, as well as maintain your wellness as the calibrations settle.  Because our sessions are usually so full of concepts and considerations, these are excellent guides as you reorganize your inner workings.

My writings are also intended for those who are not yet ready to jump into a coaching relationship with me, but like my perspective.  You may already have enough mentor relationships right now that are working well for you, but want to have extra private explorations of your own.  These are great ways to tap into the meanderings of your heart, mind, body and soul.


Social Media can be a bit too noisy – and I think it is a place for quick considerations in a magazine format, not too intense.  Anything over 10 words … I’m out.  So, I use my newsletter as a way to further conversation and assume you want to hear from me – not a lot, just a little.

SUNDAY JOURNAL GUIDE - This is a weekly blurb of things that are on my mind, for you to sit down and take a moment to think.  I have questions to work on, as well as how coaching applies.  Feel free to respond and I will reply with some coaching to enhance your work.
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LETTERS FROM ME – Sometimes I have something on my mind, or want to ask you something, or want to share something important.  Maybe a video, an article, a few questions…these are just little blips of me writing to you.
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I am very excited about these projects.  I have many of them developing like photos in a dark room, taking their time for their own unique exposure.  Each have different artistic intentions and offer various styles of participation.

All of my books can be found in my bookstore here:

Others are already here !
My new book Umbilicus is the simple process of how I found my own inner self, reconnected and now reside in peace.

UMBILICUS – The Process of Being Self Centered.  A Philosophical Anchoring in Living The Life You Want.
Ebook and print available

This is a textbook format of steps to reconnect to your inner self, and design a life that brings peace and satisfaction.  The premise is that when we are centered in our own self, we are capable of participating fully in our existence, and can boldly step into the design of what we want.

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