My Coaching Style

strength based advocacy - If you get anything from me, it will be that you are stronger than you think, and I will stand with you as you navigate through.  Our work together will be to work on the areas that are successful, and expand them to support the areas that aren't.
casual and convenient – I only have my client sessions via telephone and video (skype etc).  I am not interested in the typical format of sitting in a waiting room waiting for the principal to tell you how to get your shit together otherwise you won’t make it.  Being relaxed and enjoying the process is very important to me.   The best way to do that is for you to create the environment that you know you will be able to work in, or where/when you need it most.  This way I am available for YOUR life… not mine.
devoted – my clients are my clients.  My first alliance is to you and your well being.  I am available to you anytime, for as long as I am a benefit.  I have developed my practice around fostering life long support so that you always have a place to go where you are known and advocated for.  This also includes the changes that you may need along the way – heavy intense programs and accountability, light conversation and musings, inspiration and motivation, calibration and change – I invest a lot into creating a space just for you.

intense - the work we do is intense. We laugh, we cry, we muse, we explore and I am right there with you the whole way.  Sometimes we go over, sometimes we end short.  This is why I have a small number of clients at one given time, to ensure I have the space and full presence to work.  You're going to want to grab a pen, there's a lot of seeds thrown to see what takes.

symbolic - visual and conceptual symbols are powerful ways that we can see things otherwise hidden.  I use symbols (a lot) as I seek to understand your world, as well as use them to help explain what I see in ways that are relatable through analogies and imaginative possibilities.

my perspective – This is what you are here for.  Essentially, that is all.  I listen deeply to you, and show you what I can see in what you show me.  I am your helium balloon as you explore the landscape of your life.  I can see when you are facing a dark forest, have lost your path, or have dropped your jewels along the way.  The education and gifts I have, are yours to access and see if they will help you find your way.  

My Session Style

I have three different sessions available.

CONSULTATION – This is a 30+ minute free consultation.  
This gives us a chance to see if what you are looking for is something I can help you with.  It is important that you find a coach that you have good chemistry with, inspires you and makes you feel heard.  There is no obligation here, it is just a chance for us to connect.

BASE SESSION – 60 minutes - $65
This session is a casual non structured time for PROCESSING.  This is the base of our coaching relationship.  We will take the topics, themes or issues that are most prevalent and rearrange them to find deeper understandings.  Most often we will start with nothing in particular and find the most profound insights.

ADVANCED SESSIONS – 90+ minutes - $150
These sessions are structured exercises for INVESTIGATING, to help probe the subconscious into revealing things in a different way.  We use art therapy, mapping, symbology, and analysis (self measured) to deepen understanding.  These are only done in the stability of our base sessions for they are powerful and need further processing.

Other Opportunities


online classes and workshops are available throughout the year.  These are flexible and affordable for convenience and support.

pre-formed groups and events.  I can customize content for relevance and intention.  This can be designed for small or large groups.  Great for friend and topic groups, charitable functions, retreats, seminars, work/life support, team building ... etc

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