I do know some stuff 
I have been a Life Coach for 9 years. I received my coaching certification through the Emotional Fitness Institute and have complied a wide range of courses and experiences with that to develop a coaching practice that supports my gifts and passions.  My areas of focus are self discovery, personal and professional development, behavior analysis, art therapy, trauma themes, and stress management.  I have also worked intensely with the RCMP through Victim Services as well as cell block management.

But I'm no expert.

I don't know what I am talking about - I have no answers - but I do know what I see is what you can't.  I just want to make this clear.  I’m under educated (aren't we all?), I am over enthusiastic (sorry not sorry), and I have very little pomp and ceremony to show for my life thus far (you can keep it).  If you want expertise or a wealth of researched prescriptions of what you should and shouldn’t do, then you will be greatly disappointed with me…get in line.

I have a gift

My gift is the ability to see the undercurrents of the human experience.  I can see what others cannot, and I can show them what they are missing.  Not in a psychic, paranormal way, but in the way of understanding behavior.  Tell me a story, and I’ll tell of some of the ulterior motives, the heart’s longings, the compass’s pull towards the deeper callings.  Not all, exclusive and declarative, but I can see some, and why, and advocate therein.  What you do with that, I have no attachment to, it is just a gift. 

I have a passion

My heartbreaks have come from when someone I am close to, cannot, will not, see the magnificence in themselves that I see.  The old broken man, whose wings are peeking out of his torn overcoat, unnoticed to him and everyone else, long forgotten that he can fly.  This is my passion, for others to see their own miracle of life, their right to live that life anyway they see fit, and finding the courage to take the leap and fly.  I have helped many find their flight, and it is my greatest accomplishments, my deepest of satisfactions, my proudest contributions to my minuscule moment here on earth … but more importantly I have taught myself to fly and that my friend is what all of this is all about.

I hunt for the 'no'

I love to live in the no.  I like working with things that are broken, and improving things that aren’t.  I love changes, underdogs, misfits, the other side, the down to earth, when shit gets real and the puzzles of the human experience. This is where I commune with the universe, in the arena where iron sharpens iron and where the battles are fought - it is here we are fully alive.  

I am a hopeless romantic.

Don’t let this dissuade you, for I am not easily appeased with silly things.  Emotions are my compass for the spirit of my soul (and yours) to teach me what I cannot see. 

I am selfish

I don’t do anything that I don't want to do.  I have a right to my own life and I'm taking it - not yours, mine.  Because, whatever I do, I do with all of me - I'm only here once.  And what I want, is to be plenty enough to share with the world.

I am an artist.

I see things more than what they seem.  My home is in the vortex, my art is in psychedelic warfare for the greatest cause – the right to life.  

I am good, but I’m not that great

I can coach, I can write, I can speak, I can sing, I can dance, I can walk, I can run (not very far), I can do almost anything … I’m good … but I’m not that great.  I’m not interested in being great.  Good is great to me.  So when others are struggling with their greatness, it is because they can’t see just how plenty good enough they already are … I can help with that … because, well, I’m good at it.

I’m a bit of a jackass

I swear a lot, I challenge a lot, I break stuff and have ideas, a lot.  I’m lazy, stubborn, complicated and abstract.  I do things the hard way and won’t pick a side. I laugh too loud, stay too long, think too much and think I'm hilarious.  But I am also a little more classy than trashy, a little more smart than stupid, and a much much more comrade than asshole. 

I am happy

Holy shit am I ever happy.  This is the happiest I have been in my whole life.  Not by your standards, nor by the usual markers of society, but by my own.  I know how I got here and I want to share that with you. 

I have a story

I don’t like to share too much of my story because I want my work to be about others.  But I will answer anything that you want to know - feel free to ask.  

For a quick summary, I'm the oldest of 4, and was the first grandchild into a family that thought they were the perfect blend of the Kennedy's and the Windsors.  I am married to a very intense Type AAA man, and am at the end of raising two elite athlete children.  Needless to say, the stakes are always high and the boredom low.  I live in rural Saskatchewan in my dream little house on the prairie with my dog that loves to bring me socks. 

Like anyone else, I’ve had dark heart-breaking times, I’ve had euphoric victorious times, I’ve been blindsided, lifted up, greatly loved, sorely hated, and have made a hell of a mess (a few actually, and I hope to make many more) - but I have no regrets – to the disgust of some … none.  

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